Dialog box (expInfo) not working in Sublime Text

Hello guys,

While searching for similar problems, I have noticed that is not unusual to everyone use other programs to run the code built in Psychopy. I like to use Sublime Text to run the programs while testing and fine tunning.

But I am no longer able to run any programs with dialog box (expInfo). Sublime Text just won’t open the dialog box for data input. Interestingly, if I just comment the dlg function (in sublim text), to get rid of the data input, the program will run without problems. I am talking about working experiments, tested, that I know are bug free. Within PsychoPy, dialog boxes will show up, no problems. And also running the code on python itself.

Anyone else had this problems?

Hello guys,

Any thoughts on this?! I have no solution to this to this date. And Sublime Text still on version 4113. I did some more tests and noticed that if I comment the following code from the script, and then press Esc after run it, the experiment will run no problems. But then I will not have the Experiment info I intended for the experiment.

if dlg.OK == False:
    core.quit()  # user pressed cancel

It will also run if I just press return after running the code on Sublime (and awaiting a while). It is just as the dialog box had opened, but is there invisible. Do that make any sense?!

My knowledge in python doesn`t allow me to understand what the “gui.DlgFromDict()” function is doing (besides, obviously, opening the Experiment info dialog box). But anyhow, Sublime can’t reach this function properly, if this is possible.

Any thoughts?

Hello guys,

This is still an issue. Any solutions?


Do you have PyQt installed? If so, what version?

Until recently there was a bug with PyQt6 whereby the code from Builder experiments expected different attributes than the dialog box had because it was using the nomenclature from PyQt4. What you’re describing looks similar to that bug.

This is fixed in 2023.2.0 (releasing very soon), so I’d recommend updating PsychoPy in a few days (assuming you’re running from PyPi), or just pull down the dev branch now if you’re running directly from GitHub!

Hello Todd,

Thanks a lot for the answer. Pip list says I have PyQt5 installed (5.15.6). I assume it is just the default version in PsychoPy. I have never made any changes to this package. I will update to the new release!

Thank you!