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Data output--current cycle

Can anyone tell me what I need to put into “thisExp.addData()” to print a column with the current cycle?

this function takes 2 inputs, the first is the name of the column header the second is a variable, if you need a new row in the data file you will need thisExp.nextEntry - these materials might be helpful

Thank you. What I mean is do you know how I call the current cycle to create it as a variable?


please can you clarify what you mean by “cycle”?


The current loop–it cycles through the study and test blocks 5 times. At the beginning of the experiment there was a code put in:
num_cycle = 5;

in the loop’s settings window it has $num_cycle entered into the nReps spot, if that helps?

Are you adding code in builder? if so you access the name of the current loop using the variable name given to that loop (e.g. trials)

If you are coding an experiment from scratch then it is the name of the trial handler these workshop materials might help