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Custom layout that contain multiple GratingStim

Is it possible to create a layout like this:

Where it contains 9 segments, each segment contain sinusoidal vertical gratings (GratingStim) of different cycles per degree (cpd) (sf in GratingStim). Each segment should be completed filled with one GratingStim object. Each segment’s GratingStim can be controlled by each frame to create a motion by setting the phase frame by frame.

In Builder this would be difficult, but I think if you’re ready to code an experiment from scratch this is very doable - I’d recommend looking into :aperture: ApertureStim. You can create a :grating: GratingStim and then hide all but a certain area of it by enabling the ApertureStim before calling .draw() on the GratingStim, and disabling it after (so that it doesn’t hide the other gratings).

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