Cursor to the centre

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: I use Slider to rate the pictures in my experiment. Is it possible to set the cursor in the middle of the screen when slider appears on Pavlovia? (I don’t want to get biased answers just because cursor was in another part of the screen).

This isn’t possible online.

The easiest workaround would be to require a central button click in the previous routine.

The harder workaround would be to hide the mouse cursor and replace it with your own at an offset based on the position of the true mouse position at the start of the routine. You would then need a custom slider which could cope with input from clicks in arbitrary locations – though I’m not even sure if this would work if the true mouse position hit the edge of the screen. I’ve used this method to rotate the mouse direction (e.g. the visible mouse moves at 20 degrees clockwise from the direction of the true mouse. I then had invisible clickable stimuli in the true target position).

Thank you for the answer!