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Creating Subitizing based Attentional Experiment

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I’m trying to present stimuli that consist of small black circles arranged like the dots on a dice. I’d like to position different combinations of these dots in areas surrounding a fixation point on the center. How can I start including multiple variations of small circles? i.e A subitizing task

There are more efficient ways to do this in code, but in Builder, the easiest thing to do would be to create all six dot stimuli (e.g. a polygon stimulus with 90 vertices will appear as a circle), specified to be at their desired, fixed, locations . But for each stimulus, put a variable name in its opacity field (e.g. dot1_vis, dot2_vis, etc respectively). Then create a conditions file which will list which the opacity values for each dot on each trial (i.e. 1 = visible, 0 = invisible). e.g. the .xlsx or .csv file could look like this:

dot1_vis   dot2_vis    dot3_vis    dot4_vis    dot5_vis    dot6_vis 
1          1          1            1           1           1
1          0          1            0           1           0

e.g. Using a file like the one above, on the first trial, all dots would be visible, while on the second trial, only the odd-numbered stimuli would be visible.

Thank you for your help Michael. Earlier today I worked on specifying the fixed locations of the dots and I will attempt to incorporate your suggestions.