Creating rhythmic auditory and visual sequences by psychopy

Hi everybody. For my project, I need to create rhythmic sequences (both auditory and visual). For example, a sequence consisting of 5 sounds with durations of 1, 3, 4, 2 seconds between them to be played as one trial (I mean at once). How can I do that? I appreciate it a lot if someone guides me.

When you add a component to Builder view, you give it a start time and a duration. To make things play at once, just add them as multiple components and set them to have the same or overlapping start times.

Thanks a lot, but i think it may not be possible regarding that I have 3 blocks, each containing about 30 trials and each trial is a sequence of maybe 6 tones. If I create every single tone by a component, it’ll be very components.


It might be worth you taking a look at my Music Box demo -

You can listen to Greensleeves, with notes played from a spreadsheet here:

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Thanks a lot.