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Creating PsychoPy virtualenv

Hi all,

Trying to get some sort of PsychoPy virtual environment setup that I can use on my computer and with a more feature-rich editor like Visual Studio Code.

I setup a virtual environment (using venv) with Python3.6.5 and then tried installing PsychoPy in this environment by either pip install psychopy or downloading PsychoPy-1.90.2 directly and just running a pip install -e . on that.

Can’t seem to get it to work, and always get this error

What am I doing wrong here? (alternatively, anyone know how to get VSC to use the python environment that the PsychoPy editor uses?

Thanks in advance

I don’t know Macs very well, but it looks like a problem with xcode.

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Thank you!

That worked a charm. I had to install xcode dev tools first.