Creating a UI with drag-and-drop and clicking on components in same view

I am new to PsychoPy.

Is there a view via which I can view all of the Components in a Subroutine at a discrete point in time? It would be easier to view everything at once so that I can resize and rearrange my components on the screen. Is there a way that I can do this, or do I just need to continue to adjust the Components one at a time, stay cognizant of the positioning and sizes of the other Components, and then validate it when I run the experiment in debug?

PsychoPy’s GUI has adopted a fundamentally timeline-based approach (like video or audio editing software), rather than one based on spatial layout (like PowerPoint, or E-prime). i.e. it doesn’t offer the approach you are after.

An alternative is OpenSesame:

OpenSesame can use PsychoPy’s code behind the scenes to actually run the experiment, but implements the spatial GUI you are after. This is the beauty of open source code: people can adapt it and do different things with it. The spatial approach comes with its own limitations of course (particularly for time-varying stimuli). Perhaps you should try both and see which you actually prefer in practice.