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Creating a grid array in Builder

Hi there,

I am trying to create an experiment in which participants are shown a string of letters, and are asked to select from an array the order in which they saw the letters. Here is an example of what I am trying to recreate that has been taken from an E-Prime file:

Participants are asked to click on the box next to each letter in the order that it was previously presented in. Clicking the exit button is how the routine will end, at which point they will move onto the next trial.

I am trying to do as much of this in builder view as possible, but would be comfortable with writing code components to make things cleaner. So far I have built the Clear, Blank, and Exit buttons in coder and am a little stuck on where to begin with programming the square/rectangle piece. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Are you wanting the participant to use a mouse and click on each rectangle? When they click do you want a number to appear in the rectangle (the order).

You’ll need isPressedIn

You’ll probably need to cycle through the rectangles and then update a text component within them if they are pressed. This code might help:

However, this really depends on your level of coding. I think it will take a significant length of time to go from a static display to a fully functioning routine.

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