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Create experiment with movie in response to input

This is my first attempt using PsychoPy. I have three videos that I would like to be presented in response to 3 different keyed inputs. A particular video is presented in response to a key press regardless of what is keyed. Any help with coding this is much appreciated.

You probably should describe your task much more precisely to get useful suggestions. Think of the kind of detail that would be needed in the Methods section of a paper.

I wasn’t sure how much detail was needed. I think that a methods section would be overkill here. The experiment is rock paper scissors. The task is initiated where the participant enters their move on the keyboard e.g. r p or s. They will then observe a rock paper or scissors move by the “opponent” in the form of a video. Wins will be logged. The choice of rock paper or scissors video will be selected randomly. I hope that’s enough information.