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Crash at startup (Win10, v.3.1.2)

Thanks for any help, in advance!

PsychoPy 3.1.2 (and 3.1.1, both 64 and 32-bit versions have been attempted) are both crashing immediately after I launch PsychoPy and the builder window opens. I am getting the following error with 3.1.1:

Program: C:\Program Files (x86)\PsychoPy3\python.exe
File: src/hostapi/wdmks/pa_win_wdmks.c, Line 1061

Expression: FALSE

I’m not sure what the most useful system info is, but I am running Windows 10 home 64-bit (v.1809) on a Dell XPS 9550 from 2015.

Any help with getting PsychoPy to run on my machine would be supremely appreciated! Thanks!

It looks like it might be an issue with a portaudio .dll but I don’t now how to download new versions of this. I’ve tried updating all my drivers and trying instead a standard windows HD audio driver instead of the Realtek HD audio driver but the issue remains the same.

A couple of websites that mention the issue but after trying everything I understand about what they say might help, I still have an issue. Perhaps they will make more sense to someone with better technical knowledge than me:


Hi @Andrew_LK, did you take a look at the GitHub issue?

That was me over at GitHub. The suggestion made there by mirh to replace a portaudio dll from a resource he/she provided worked magically, once I figured out how to do it! For the solution see that thread.

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