Counterbalancing subtasks

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I have two different subtasks. When I try to counterbalance the subtasks, it runs all the rows in one experiment condition and then goes to another experiment’s condition and runs them all. Is there any way to counterbalance the subtasks so that each time it only runs one trial from one condition, and for the next trial, choose it from my second experiment condition? Also, I should mention that I’m going to run the experiment online.

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I’m not entirely sure of the question.

If you want to randomly choose one row in a loop you could use code to end the loop after the first presentation.

Thank you, I uploaded my experiment screenshot. I have two experiments (facehouse_exp and word_exp), which I want to counterbalance. to illustrate, I want my participants to do one trial from the facehouse_exp task and another from the word_exp task and so on. Hope this is more clear now.

Breaking out of each of the inner loops after 1 trial should work – expect conditions will be selected at random each loop of the outer loop, rather than avoiding conditions already used.

To do what I think you want, you could preload the conditions into lists before the outer loop and then just have the outer loop. Have a look at the Brookes template experiment Is it possible to randomize image order, but repeat that specific randomized order during a loop? - #12 by mtruong

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You might also be interested in:

If you scroll down it has a section on counter balancing subtask. Note you have to make some changes to run online (see the end of the linked document)

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Thank you Lucy.

Thank you so much.