Constant mouse position on Safari/macOS when calling getPos() on a mouse component repeatedly

URL of experiment: (minimal working example)

Description of the problem: Not my MacBook so I don’t know the exact model, but I was told it’s a new one.
I am trying to track the mouse position (using getPos()) and check it each frame. On all Windows/Linux machines I’ve tried to run it on it has worked so far, however on this machine it doesn’t. A constant mouse position around (-1.4, 0.5) is printed out to the JS console, no matter how much you move the mouse around.
Could this be retina display related?

hi @mkallmayer, I am having a similar issue when logging the mouse position, no matter how I move it, it was always (-1.2,0.5) and therefore no contain/press method could work. I am using height units, so boundaries are (+/-0.8,+/-0.5) for a screen ratio of 16:10. This has happened only on Macs so far, in safari and chrome. Did you solve the problem by any chance?