Connecting PsychoPy to NetAmps 300 and Net Station

I’m starting with PsychoPy. I would like to use it with NetAmps and Netstation as the simulation software. I’m seeking advice on how to do it?
Could you share your experience on how to connect the laptop with NetAmps? I found some discussion about Labjack U12 and U3. I need a DB-25 to connect an AV device adapter. According to the vendor:"The DINS require 1 ms and we need 5V, 1 ms pulses. The 8 lines can be used logically to send numbers 1-255. We do record on the offset, or falling edge, although the AV device adapter will invert the signal. " I have attached 2 screenshots of the documentation I have received.
Thank you very much for your help!

Best Fred

You need a DB9, not a DB25. EGI uses a round connector made by Hypertronics, so you also need a Hypertronics to DB9 cable. EGI includes this cable in all their quotes, so unless your lab explicitly told EGI not to include it, you should have it in your lab somewhere.

You might want to consider our product, c-pod for EGI. It’s ready to plug into the EGI HyperTronics cable and is supported by a Python library. Plus, you get the benefit of asynchronous output.

Dear Habboud thank you for your answer. Do you have any experience of this solution to synchronize Psychopy with NetAmps and Netsation. Do you have any python examples showing how to connect and synchronize?

The Python library contains a sample test code, though it is not specific to PsychoPy.

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