Collecting responses from the caps lock button


I am creating a response where the subject has to press the caps lock button on some trials. I am using a keyboard component and then in the allowed keys field, I have both the capslock button or the return button.

When the caps lock button is off at the start of a trial and I press the caps lock button during the trial, the press is registered and the task properly advances. However, at the start of the next trial the capslock button is on and if I press the capslock button, the press is not registered. It seems like the press is only registered when the caps is off and this is a problem for my experiment.

It is odd because I thought the keyboard component was not case sensitive. What is the best way to solve this problem?

Hi there,

Any chance you are using a mac? Caps locks button is not working

Yes, I am! Is this an issue?

currently yes, the capslock isn’t in the list of keys for mac - if you just need two keys on opposing sides of the keyboard is it possible to use different keys?


Cool, thanks a bunch. I will use different keys then