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Collecting response from data file to provide feedback

Hi there,
I’m trying to build a finger-tapping task and I want the software to provide feedback at the end based on the number of taps collected in the data file. I’m not quite sure how to do that, so any help would be appreciated.

The data file isn’t created until the experiment ends. You can easily keep a continuous count of the number of taps in a variable as the experiment runs, though. But we would need to know how you are actually collecting your tap responses to suggest how to do that.

Thank you for your response. I’m using the builder mode and the key_response feature to collect the number of key presses during the trial (3 runs). They’re gonna be using two different specific keys for left and right hand. Now I’m trying to provide feedback at the end on which hand is faster (i.e. more number of taps) based on the sum of the key presses during the stimuli presentation for each hand and I’m not sure how the software can 1)access the data file 2)sum up the key presses for each hand 3) provide a feedback message based on the highest sum or maybe just show the total number of taps by each hand. Thanks!