Collect mouse data without ending trial

Hi everyone,

I have made an experiment that results in two choices for the participant. I can have their selection end the trial and all the mouse data I need is collected fine (name of stimulus clicked on and the time). However, this is going to be an EEG experiment so I need to use a parallel port. The issue is that the port will not collect the bit info if the participant click ends the trial. Oddly if you double click really quick it does, but that’s not a viable option. So I changed it so the clickable stimuli do not end the trial, instead a conditional “or” statement makes the stimuli go away {e.g. the R1_mouse component starts at 3.0 seconds and the stop condition is: $R1_mouse.isPressedIn(R1_correct) or R1_mouse.isPressedIn(R1_false)}. Then I have a new mouse component and text stimuli start at: $R1_mouse.isPressedIn(R1_correct) or R1_mouse.isPressedIn(R1_false) and these end the trial. This allows the parallel port to collect the bit info. Now the issue is that my excel output for R1_mouse.time and R1_mouse.clicked_name are only populated with: []. Any ideas of how to fix this? Oddly again, after 3 seconds if I click anywhere on the screen besides the stimuli it will collect the R1_mouse.time even if I have multiple clicks and store a list of times. But, when I actually click the stimuli that brings up the next part it still does not collect the name of the item clicked on.

I would greatly appreciate any insight.