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Code to give feedback at the end of the trial?


Can anyone advise me what the correct code is to give feedback to participants after the trial has finished - before the window closes??

Thank You!

Hi @Sally_Knowles, it may be a good idea to have a look at the Navon Task demo using Builder, which has a feedback routine. If you use Builder, you can be sure that your timings in your experiment are handled for you, and your data collection etc.

For the demos, just go to Builder > Demos > Unpack demos to a location on your harddrive, and then open the Navon task in Builder.

Hi @Sally_Knowles, since your question does not cover anything about what kind of problem you are facing, I am going to answer to the best of my knowledge.

Are you looking for feedback after each trial or are you looking for feedback at the end of the loop?

If you are looking for feedback after every response, the demo given by by @dvbridges works perfectly fine. Also the demo of ExtendedStroop in builder view works pretty well too.

If you are looking for feedback at the end of the trial loop, for builder view, this link is very helpful:

or for coder view, Unable to give feedback on answers.

Hope this helps!