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Classroom installation


I have a question about the HowTo doc classroom installation:

'2. Move the PsychoPy to the network
You need a network location that is going to be available, with read-only access, to all users on your machines. You will find all the contents of PsychoPy itself at something like this (version dependent obviously):

C:\Program Files\PsychoPy2\Lib\site-packages\PsychoPy-1.70.00-py2.6.egg

I’ve installed release 1.85.0. There is no .egg-file under C:\Program Files (x86)\PsychoPy2\Lib\site-packages - so I download and extract the content

  • psychopy

to my network drive: K:\Apps\psychopyLib

Apart from psychopy do I also need to copy EGG-INFO and to the network folder?

Thanks, Lenz

“Help > About…” shows the e-mail address
"", but Google answers the group and e-mail may not exist. Maybe the About info should be updated.

Don’t know much about network installs, but yes, this post is quite old. The main files are no longer in the egg, I believe they’re in a folder simply named “psychopy” now.