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Cheap laptop options for running PsychoPy


Let me start off by saying I’m a big fan of PsychoPy and find it to be a great thing! :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed there have been some questions regarding cheaper laptops that could be used to run experiments. My question is whether, apart from the recommendations on the main page, there are any official recommendations for laptops where one could run PsychoPy without major hiccups.
I’ve been looking into buying this one and would like some comments on whether it’s good enough?

It has a dedicated graphics card AMD Radeon R5 M240, 2GB, a quad-core proc: AMD A6-5200, 4x 2.00GHz, and the version I am looking in has 8GB of ram.

Will that suffice to run experiments written in PsychoPy decently?


Sounds reasonable. There are no official recommendations. There are too many different hardware configs in the world the I haven’t looked at.