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Changing the content of the text component without using code component

Hi all,

I have an online experiment with a long consent form at the very beginning. The consent form is long, so it won’t fit within one text component. However, I can’t seem to create a way for a participant to “press the spacebar to continue” without forcing the whole routine to end. I know I can do it with a code component, but I’m trying not to, because that won’t translate to Pavlovia well. Is there a way to do that without using a code component?

Thank you very much!!

As of this year code components are fine so long as you are aware of the quirks of the auto translation (which I’ve been compiling in a publicly accessible crib sheet).

However, you could easily split up your information by putting it into an Excel sheet (one paragraph per row) and then adding a loop.
Personally, I am using Qualtrics for the PI sheet and demographics rather than trying to do everything within PsychoPy.

Best wishes