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Changing Sliders Marker to an Image (Visual Rating Scale)

Hi there,
I was wondering if there is a simple way to change the marker type of my rating scale to a specific image? I’m trying to create a no-game/game version of a rating task and the marker should be replaced by a shovel for example.
Appreciating every idea to solve this ! :slight_smile:

Hi @Michelle_S, with Slider components you can do something as simple as setting the slider marker to your image. For example, from a code component, add the following code to the “begin routine” tab:

slider.marker = image

Above, your slider is called “slider” and you have an image component called “image”.

Thank You, @dvbridges! I’ve added the image and the code component. However the image will appear and as soon as I click on the slider the image will disappear? Do i need to specify something else? Maybe in the slider component?

Bildschirmfoto 2020-07-13 um 16.57.42

Thank You!

@Michelle_S, I think the image is disappearing because the position of the image is not correctly aligned with the rating scale Y position, probably because the rating scale is using different screen units to your image. Try setting your image screen units to “norm”, and see if the image lines up. I would also recommend using Slider components rather than RatingScale as it is easier to set up and use.