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Changing Number of Stimuli from 4 to 8

Hello! I am trying to adapt Dr. Hussey’s code for the IAT so that it uses 8 stimuli instead of 4. However, when I change the number of stimuli in the corresponding Excel file and run the experiment, the stimuli sometimes overlap. Could someone please help me debug this code? I think the problem is probably in this line, but I can’t figure it out:

list_multiplier = int(math.ceil(10/n_exemplars))

Thank you!

Hi, welcome along.

To get help in forums like this, try to make it easy for someone to answer, without having tofollow link to someone else’s code and work through it.

i.e. explain what you expect to happen, and what does happen. Show us some screenshots and provide as much information as possible.

Think to yourself “could someone answer this question, knowing nothing except what I wrote?