Changing fixation point with incorrect or correct responses

Hi, i am replicating an experiment from a published article and i was wondering if it is possible for when a person presses a correct key for a fixation point (+) to turn green, and when they get it incorrect if the fixation point can turn red and flash. I am not that advanced in psychopy so i was wondering if this was a possibility?

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Hi @Paige_Thuss,

I’ve attached a demo that might help here, do let me know if this is what you were looking for! In short, you need to be using a code component to control the colour of your fixation cross conditionally. I’ve added this to the fix_feedback routine. I’m fairly sure there’s a better way to control the flashing but this certainly works!


fix_col_demo.psyexp (17.7 KB)

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It worked perfect! Thank you so much!!