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Changing color of feedback screen based on response

PsychoPy 1.9.2
Standard Standalone

I have 3 routines in a trial.
The first routine displays stimuli and collects responses. The stimuli consist of displaying two numbers on either side of the screen in a colored square. The two numbers and the color of squares are counterbalanced across trials. The participant has to give the response by choosing from either of the numbers.
The second routine is a blank screen and its duration depends on the response on the first routine.
The third routine in the trial gives feedback based on the response in the first routine. This feedback consists of a text message and the colored screen based on the response.

I am able to provide the correct feedback text message but unable to color the screen.

To color the screen I am using a polygon whose color is variable but I am unable to get the color used for colored square chosen by the participant in a given trial.

I have attached my pics of conditions file and experiment flow as follows:

Please describe the actual problem.

Tried to expand the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.

in feedback routine following code component I used (also set the color to $fbScreenColor with ‘set every repeat’ in Advanced settings of screenColor component):

Begin Experiment:

fbScreenColor =[1,1,1]

Begin Routine:

if subjectChoice.keys=='6':
    msg='You have gained 6 points.'
    if trials.thisTrial['left']=='6 points':
        colorChosen = 'colorPolyLeft'
        colorChosen = 'colorPolyRight'
    msg='You have gained 1 point.'
    if trials.thisTrial['left']=='1 point':
        colorChosen = 'colorPolyLeft'
        colorChosen = 'colorPolyRight'
fbScreenColor = trials.thisTrial[colorChosen]