Can't install psychopy on upuntu system

My laptop is dell vostro 3510 (intel core i 7 with nivida) and I work on the last version of upuntu.
When I tried to follow the instructions as the main page has shown. I get this result.
I spend more than month now scrolling and googling to get any helpful information. Hope anybody help me on this platform. Thanks in advance :pensive::pray:

The instructions on the main page are out of date and do not work.

This → How to install PsychoPy 2022.1.4 on Ubuntu 22.04 using virtualenv

almost works.

I needed to sudo apt install python3.8=tk and pip install attrdict3 before installing psychopy and wxpython.

Launching psychopy works. Most of the examples work. However movies don’t play and sometimes psychopy hangs.

Hi @shimaaelrefaei

I’ve updated this tutorial to install the current version of PsychoPy (2022.2.4).
Please, let me know if you encounter any problems :slight_smile:

Best wishes