Can't access dictionary shelf record

PsychoPy Version: 2022.2.2

URL of experiment: Adrian Jusepeitis / cbtest · GitLab

Description of the problem: I am trying to access a dictionary record in my shelf in a very simple example experiment but I can’t seem to read any values out of it.

The record looks like this

and the code in my experiment is

groups = await psychoJS.shelf.getDictionaryFieldValue({key: ["counterbalancing"], fieldName: "group"})
counters = await psychoJS.shelf.getDictionaryFieldValue({key: ["counterbalancing"], fieldName: "counter"})

console.log(await psychoJS.shelf.getDictionaryFieldNames({key: ["counterbalancing"]}))

Looking into the console, I see that every log is just “null”.


I tried this simple example because everything more complex, like the demos concerning the shelf, did not work for me. E.g., the counterbalancing demo gave me the error “unable to find a record associated with the given key” despite the fact that I created the needed dictionary record and named it correctly.

Any advice on how to get this working is appreciated!

Update: The integer demo gives me unable to find a record associated with the given key as well. So it has nothing to do with the record being a dictionary. As it does seem to work for other users, I really wonder if it has something to do with my account…

Problem solved: I had to set the scope of the record to the specific experiment. Set to “Designer” it did not work.