Cannot run the experiment

Hello, I just created an experiment using v1.84.2 on my macbook. Each time when I want to run the experiment, it shows that:

Running: /Users/apple/Desktop/Pretest-“mit-Phase”/

/Applications/ can’t open file ‘/Users/apple/Desktop/Pretest-mit-Phase/’: [Errno 2] No such file or directory

I am sure that I have saved the experiment in the right place. Can someone give me any ideas how could I fix the problem. Many thanks in advance!

Not really an answer, but the quotes around mit-Phase is suspicious. Is that really the name of your folder? (not a good idea if so), and if not, can you think of any reason why that’s happening?

Though this may not end up being the issue, the more you get close to programming the more you’ll learn that having “weird” characters in folder or file names makes your life difficult (and I say “weird” sarcastically because that includes spaces, dashes, or any non ASCII alpha-numeric characters).

Try renaming your folder to something like PreTest_mitPhase, close and reopen psychopy and see if it works.

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