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Can sound stimuli be accessed from a server (not stored in the local folder)?

I’m working on an experiment with audio stimuli, and because I will have a lot of stimuli and several versions of the experiment, I’m wondering if the audio files can be accessed from a server (with the full path in the conditions file, say ) or if they have to be stored locally.
This experiment will be run on Pavlovia, so perhaps the audio files could only be stored there but not on my computer?

Hi @lcrible, there is a Google Drive API for Python, which can read in files from Google Drive as if from a local drive:
but sorting out PIP installs, OAuth tokens and everything is more trouble than it’s worth most of the time. I think you’re best off using Pavlova’s own cloud storage feature and accessing files from there; if you add files to the “Project”, you can refer to them in the experiment as relative paths.

Okay thanks! So I’d still have to push them to pavlovia from my computer then? Or can I just store the files on GitLab directly?