Can I make my experiment interactive by Psychopy?

I would like to make my participants interact by choosing some options (e.g. they choose their preferred animal Bird or Rabbet) and when they choose Bird, for example, the coming section will be about Bird, can I use Psychopy for this experiment??

Thank you

Absolutely. I thought you were going to ask about participants interacting with each other, which isn’t currently possible.

You can set the Excel file and instructions of future routines using code that checks the response to a choice.

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please, is there any demo or youtube video that could help me

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please is there any video that could help me? I want to lean how? please

You might find some of these online demos or code snippets useful.

However, in principle you might want something like:

if key_resp.keys == 'r':
    condFile = 'rabbits.xlsx'
    animal = 'rabbit'
    condFile = 'birds.xlsx'
    animal = 'bird'

Then use $condFile for your trials look and your instructions
might look something like

$'Press the space bar whenever you see a '+animal+'.\n\nPress the spacebar now to start.'