Building from own server lib issue

I am trying to run the js produced from builder on my local computer, will later from server. How do I point to these libraries?



I downloaded psychojs-master but it doesn’t contain these scripts.

Please help, I don’t have a kubernetes account. So it seems like the other option for me is to have my own server and convert the html script to run on it.


It might help if you explain what issue prevents you from running the experiment from the Pavlovia server.

Is a kubernetes cluster not necessary to using pavlovia server and I don’t have access to funds to pay for that. Otherwise, I actually love what you guys have done.

Is there documentation on how to upload? Currently when I try to upload, I get an error something like:

“sits inside another folder, which git will not permit” Have you seen this before?

All this, I was doing in psychopy3… Only recently I went back down to 1.90 cause I knew all the libraries would download as well when I did export html, and thus make it easier for me to run on my own server.

And still any guidance on getting those libraries for my local laptop and my server would be awesome.

At some point, we will need to start charging (a very modest) fee to sustain our operation of the Pavlovia servers. But no, for the next year at least, this service will be provided for free. At this stage it is still very much a beta, so it’s fair that there be no charge: it should be workable for most, but we get the valuable feedback from users who find out how to break it and thus show us how to improve it.