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Browser Type Integration

I am planning on running my study through prolific, and was wondering if there is a way to detect what browser the user is conducting the study on. I asked the prolific staff if there was some kind of screening that is done. They told me there is not a screening setting for that through prolific, and they usually do no allow for screening to occur within experiments. However it being a technical reason, they would allow it. The person then redirected me to an example using qualtrics. I tried searching the forums here, but only found stuff on detection on OS, or browser version. But nothing on detection of a specific browser.

Thanks so much in advance!

It wouldn’t be hard for me to add a feature which uses $_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’] (without saving the information) to restrict participants to certain browsers in my study portal.

That would be useful, however my ethics board is somewhat difficult in regards to online studies. I feel like your online portal would not qualify :(. They are really restrictive on what can and cannot be used and how users are directed.

I’d be interested to know what aspect(s) they would have an issue with.

I could potentially write a simple web app that filters on allowed browsers and doesn’t save any data (about the researcher or the participant).