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Blurry text and images online

URL of experiment:
(Still in piloting mode, so unfortunately I can’t paste URLs)

Description of the problem:
The texts and images are perfectly sharp when we run our experiments on local computers. However, when run online, all text components become blurry (I circled the relevant part):

Also, images when displayed full-size become blurry (here we had to give the circled text as an image as PsychoPy doesn’t support text formatting as underlining):

We use displays with 1920x1080 resolution.
Does anyone know a solution to this? Reading these blurry texts isn’t very comfortable. :frowning:
I’ve already read this topic: Blurry / low resolution online, but it seems to be specific to retina displays (and we don’t use them).

@kriszti, have you tried to implement the fix suggested in that link, and does it improve the display?

@dvbridges I thought of trying it, but I don’t really know where should I write the code. Could you give a suggestion where should that piece of code be inserted? Thank you!

@wakecarter, @kriszti , I have not managed to work it out yet, getting the relevant files to upload and be used is not working as I expected. If you have any ideas, please post them I have asked the dev team for info on this, and will let you know.

Thank you, I just read the answers in the other topic (Blurry / low resolution online), so the issue seems to be fixed!