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Big blue button for download of PsychoPy giving 404 message

Hello, just trying to download an install image 2021.2.0 for 64 bit windows from Installation — PsychoPy v2021.2 via the big blue button and get 404 This is not the web page you are looking for.
Thanks in advance for your help.


yes, The menu on the PsychoPy-start page is currently broken. When you log into the forum, there is Downloads menu item at the top of the page. Clicking on this brings you to the github-page where you can download PsychoPy.

Best wishes Jens

Hi Jens - thanks for the quick reply. I’ll go that route for now and assume the download page link will be fixed by the time students might want to download a new version of PsychoPy next academic year. Thanks. S