Best way to skip an inner loop?

Description of the problem:

I am using the Builder and I have one big outer loop that only loops twice and several inner loops with trails as below:

[inner loop1] [inner loop2] [inner loop3]

I am struggling to find an easy way to show inner loops 1 and 2 twice (as controlled by the outer loop) and ONLY show the inner loop3 once. What’s the best way to SKIP inner loop 3 if it has already been completed? I know I can use a counter, but that still adds two iterations of inner loop 3 to my data file.

Apologies if this is a really straightforward answer (I suspect it is). But I’ve been poking around and haven’t been able to implement an easy solution…

Thanks in advance!

You could point the outer loop at a spreadsheet with two columns called Twice (containing 1 1) and Once (containing 1 0) and use $Twice for the nReps for your first two inner loops and $Once for the third.

Offhand I can’t remember if the $ is necessary.