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Best way of inserting an (auditory) metronome into trial loop in Builder?

I use PsychoPy to conduct reaction time experiments in which participants perform a secondary task (foot tapping or articulatory suppression) to the beat of a metronome. I always conduct these experiments face-to-face and use an actual physical metronome.

I will now be running studies online, and I would like to insert the sound of a beating metronome (100 beats per minute) into my trial loop.

All I can think to do is to insert it into each component (fixation, stimulus, feedback) separately, but I don’t want that, as I want the ticking to be continuous and not reset with each component.

Is there a way of achieving this (continuous ticking metronome in trial loop) in Builder?

Thanks in advance!!!

Apologies, using some different search terms I found this super helpful post.

Will try this first.