Automatically show Window after EyeLink set up

I created a simple eyperiment with EyeLink and PsychoPy using the ioHub on Windows 10.
the setup procedure works just fine, yet the I can only resume the experiment, if I manually select the PsychoPy screen after exiting the setup procedure.

This is what I am doing currently:

win.winHandle.minimize() #minimize the PsychoPy window
win.fullscr = False # disable fullscreen

r = tracker.runSetupProcedure() # run eyetracker calibration

win.fullscr = True

Is there a possibility to automatically open the Experiment window after the Eyetracker has been set up?
I tried also the following and!topic/psychopy-users/aq3XgtuWeiI
Nothing seems to work…

Thank you for any ideas!