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Automatically Clearing Cache on Participant Deployed Tablets

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I have read the excellent crib sheet (PsychoPy Python to Javascript crib sheet - Google Docs) on how to force the Cache to clear for the most recent version of an experiment. However my issue is that this applies to already deployed tablets in the hands of non technically proficient participants. We anticipated such things and enabled remote access… however this is not scalable to any significant study size in addition to it being a common sticking point to naive users. So is there any way to have future experiments automagically refresh the cache?

Why do you need to refresh the cache on a participant device. Are they trying multiple versions of the same experiment?


  1. Push to a new repository

  2. Ask the participants to use an incognito tab (possibly by adding an incognito Chrome icon to the desktop How to Always Launch Chrome in Incognito Mode)

Excellent! Incognito mode will likely solve the issue… I will test and report back. I had been using Clear Cache Button for our own personally accessible devices… Clear Cache - Chrome Web Store - however an psychopy/java based solution would help everyone without relying on additional steps.

We had a show stopping bug on already deployed tablets - so needed to force the new version.

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