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Automatic Install missing PyQt4/5?

I downloaded the auto installer, which unpacked to about 1GB of files. I can run the Builder and Coder apps, but when trying to Run an experiment with the green Run button, I get error messages about PyQt4 missing and handling the exception QtGui missing in PyQt5.
I found instructions online for installing PyQt4, along with other needed dependencies, but it seems odd that with the automatic install installing so much already that it would be necessary to manually install these other packages.
I have Qt5 installed but no idea how to tell PsychoPy about it.

I am using Windows 7.

Is it necessary to manually install these packages? How do I edit the PsychoPy Python path(s)?

Thank you.

Hi @japalmer, can you please post the actual error message? This may be related to GitHub issue below, which Jon has fixed for the next release of PsychoPy.

Hi @dvbridges, I wanted to copy the message but the python ouput window doesn’t allow copy and paste!

I believe it is the same issue. I am using Win64 Windows 7, and v. 3.0.5. There is an exception about missing PyQt4, then an error while trying to handle that exception, I think by looking for PyQt5, which fails. All stems from trying to import qtgui, which I guess gui references.

Is there a fix for this? Maybe I should install an older version?


Hi @japalmer, are you referring to the dialog that pops up when the error occurs? If so, try compiling and running your script from Coder, then your error will be written in the output panel at the bottom of the Coder window. You can copy from that window.

Yes probably the same error, and Jon has fixed this by changing how pyqt5 will be installed for 64 bit machines. However, this is not yet available, although Jon is making frequent releases at present. You could try a previous version, e.g., 3.0.4. as the problem was only introduced in 3.0.5 (but soon to be fixed in 3.0.6).