Assistance in fixing errors from the JS script compiler output

Hi Everyone,

I’ve completed my experiment, and used Auto-JS to translate my Python to JS.

I tried pushing it online, but it seemed to be stuck initialising (Unless it can take over 10 mins plus to initialise)

I removed the experiment from Pavlovia and then compiled the script to check for errors.

588.2929 ERROR invalid token (, line 1)
592.1296 ERROR Line 152: Unexpected token in Online Experiment Dual Task - Complete - Online.js
592.8498 ERROR invalid token (, line 1)
596.6585 ERROR Line 144: Unexpected token in Online Experiment Dual Task - Complete - Online-legacy-browsers.js

My problem is when I check Line 152 and 144, they don’t seem to be from any code, they just relate to two sound components I made. I’ve attached a image of the code.

JS issue 1

Any advice on how to fix this?

Kind regards,


Please could you show your sound component. Specifically, the duration.

Hi Wakefield,

please see the image below, my sounds are 0.5 seconds.

Better image of the component itself.

Kind regards,


As you’ve noted elsewhere, this is probably nothing to do with your sound component and everything to do with your import statement: