Applet for merging multiple .psyexp files


I often use different combinations of the same paradigms in my research, but copy-pasting routines and rebuilding loops every time is a nuisance. So I wrote a little applet to facilitate merging experiments. It allows me to upload multiple .psyexp files and checks if there is any overlap in the component and routine names. If not, it lets me sort the experiments in the intended order and download the merged result. I thought it may also be useful for other people, so I uploaded it here: Feel free to use it and give feedback.



hello! i am not able two upload two files simultaneously on the link. please help

Hi, sorry for the late reply. It normally should work fine with multiple files. Make sure that all the files are in one directory so you can select them all at once without changing the directory.

Please could you add it to PsychoPy Online Demos to help people find it?

I did, thanks for making me aware of this thread!

Are you planning to release a Github-Repo of the Code? I would like to extend the Shiny-App a little bit.
Or maybe we can collaborate to extend it.

Would be great!

Hi Luke, I sent you a message to discuss this.

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