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API documentation sometimes only displays mro() -> list

Hi there,

I don’t really know if this belongs in this section, or whether or not this issue is currently known.

The API documentation for some of the psychopy classes seems to have a problem. Please see and

The functions associated with the classes are absent, and in their place I see a single mro() call. I wanted to show a new user the ElementArrayStim page but as it is, the page is less helpful than it was back when I was first learning how to use ElementArrayStim.



hmm, I’ll look into that

Following up on this. I’m wondering if there might be another location where, particularly with elementarraystim, additional explanations about the parameters are available? (Especially with the elementTex and elementMask variables, because I remember it took me ages to understand them and to make custom shapes/textures!)

I’m currently working in a department with a desire to improve their coding ability, and I’d like to guide them to python and psychopy. Generally these experiments will tend to require elementarraystim and I’m just trying to see if documentation still exists that I/my department could use to help support my department’s coding development.

Thank you!