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Animation figure -


I need to do some experiment which looks like this (time from 1:19 to 1:45):

I need to create a smoothly moving pulse object. Where to start? I use a builder, I can’t really write code.

Try setting the size of a polygon to

(sin(t)/10+.1, sin(t)/10+.1)

set to Every Repeat

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An error accurs: name ‘t’ is not defined

Sorry – my typo. Set to Every Frame

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Yes, now it working! The figure is pulsating!

Do you know how to make smooth movement from one position to another? I can read the positions of the figure from the excel file, right? But how do you make this smooth?

What path do you want? The calibration pattern couldn’t be done with a single equation.

To start with why don’t you try setting the position to


again Each Frame

I would like to be with the figure in the middle, a smooth transition up (0, -2), next to the right (2.0), down (0, -2), and left (-2.0).

Over what time period?

What else is happening during this period?

The figure appears in the middle for 2/3 seconds, moves smoothly up for the same number of seconds, farther to the right, etc. I do not know how to do smooth movement from one point to another.

The reason I ask is that I have a zero code solution to propose but it would involve a loop around the routine. During each repeat the cue would move in one direction or statu still

Here’s a demo that I wrote for you to practice TrialHandlers in code

Moving Cue code | try it | discussion thread

Moves a pulsating circle around the screen like an eye tracker calibration cue. Paths are read from an Excel file but implemented using a TrialHandler in code (which requires a number of edits to work online).

Woow, it is amazing! Thank you very much!