Advice on creating many text stimuli...without too much work :-)


I am still in the very early stages of “thinking” of an exp so I do not have any minimal example to present.

The idea is to present simultaneously 25 letters of the English alphabet (all but for the letter K) 5 times in a single trial i.e. 125 letters. Now, I hope you understand, creating 125 text components in a single routine is not something I would like to go through.

The alternative (and likely the route I will follow) is to create the exp as much as I can on builder and then continue on Coder creating all these components using (for lack of better ideas) for loops. Since this exp will run both locally and online, I will need to do it using both Python and JS code.

I was wondering if there is something I have missed and make my life easier on this i.e. is there a way to present repeated stimuli (only their position will change) without creating their individual components?

Many thanks in advance for any advice/pointers

EDIT: I forgot to say that all 125 letters will be randomly placed within an invisible 25x5 grid.


You could use a code component to make your 125 letter list with:
letters_list = [“A”,“B” etc]

And then use the PsychoPy visual search video Getting started with Code Components in PsychoPy (by making a visual search task!) - YouTube to create the rest of your task. That’s a bit more ransomised in their positioning, but it should be possible to tweek that to create a more static grid.

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Brilliant @Jdigg - this is exactly how i was thinking of doing when I was talking about loops but it didn’t occur to me that I can do it via a code component - though I use code components all the time :smile:

Thanks again for sharing this video

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