Advice needed - a reading speed test in PsychoPy


I’m quite new to PsychoPy and I’m not familiar with all the options that it offers, that’s why I need your help :slight_smile:

Is it possible to desgin an experiment which will be esentially a reading speed test? So, let’s say the participant is welcomed be a screen with instructions, then, when they press a key they can see the next screen with the text, and when they finish reading, they press another key. What I want to get is how much time they spent on reading the text. So, as soon as they see the second screen with the text, the time is measured, and the timer stops when they finish and press a key, and what I get in the data is the time. This test could be followed by a few comprehension questions, but I know how to do this part.

Is something like this possible to do in PsychoPy?

Thank you in advance!!!


it is really easy. You can present the text with either a text component or as an image (e.g. the screenshot of a powerpoint slide). I would recomend the latter because text formatting in psychopy is limited.

Then, you can just use a keyboard component to register the time it took to read the text.


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Thank you! I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

If you have a text component with the text and a keyboard component waiting for a key press that starts at the same time then PsychoPy will automatically record the time (in seconds) between the key press becoming available and when the key is pressed.