Adjusting size of pictures via keypress (online)

URL of experiment: Anna Laura Toth / validtask7_keypress · GitLab

Description of the problem: I would like to do this experiment online: Adjusting size of picture with key presses

The point of the task is that the participants have to use the up and down key to change the size of the pictures shown on the screen and then wen satisfied press space to continue. I managed to make it work in builder, but when I push it up to pavlovia it breaks, because every time I press the up or down button it jumps to the next picture and does not do anything with the size.
Does anybody have an idea why this is the case? The automatic code translation in builder works, so I get an equivalent for everythin, but apparently something is lost in translation.

And also: it also starts somewhat weird as the first picture doesn’t show up just after I press either the up and down button, and then it just flashes up and then jumps to the next picture. But this is a somewhat smaller problem

Thank you!