Additional resources not uploaded to pavlovia

my problem is that I when syncing with pavlovia the images (png files) and one pdf that I need for the experiment are not added to the repository resulting in errors when running the experiment online. I added the files under additional resources in the online experiment settings and already checked that there are no upper cases or spaces. The pdf is in a folder with videos that get added to the repository and the pictures are in a seperate folder that is completely missing. I also tried setting the output path to html, but the problem persists. Is there anything else I might be doing wrong or could try to fix the problem?

Hi There,

what is the name of the folder that the images are saved in? please could you share a screenshot of your folder structure where your experiment is saved?

Do you get an error message when you try to push to pavlovia?

For the pdf - I am not sure that is a supported image format for online - can you try to convert it to a jpg?


Setting your output path to html in the latest version will I believe break your experiment.

Did you add the resources via Experiment Settings/ Online/ Additional Resources.?

Please see my crib sheet or one of my recent posts for how to recreate an experiment without an html folder.

Ok, so I just deleted the repository, and offline the html folder and all github folders/files. Also, in the experiment I removed the outout path and then synched to create a new pavlovia experiment, all together it looks like this:

The one thing that I suspect, but cannot change is the backslash in the paths. Everywhere else I had to change it to “/” in order to make it work on pavlovia, but in the additional resources I can only select the files via the windows explorer and I do not see a way to edit the path manually.

Also I receive no error message when I push the experiment. Only after I close PsychoPy and reopen it, I can no longer push my experiment and have to create a new one on Pavlovia, but that is another problem that existed before the one I am currently trying to solve…

Are your files stored in a cloud storage folder such as Onedrive?

This isn’t an issue. PsychoPy knows to switch \ to / in this location when online.

The files are stored locally.

Regarding the slashes, when e.g. setting a movie stimulus if I leave the windows backslash then I get an error on Pavlovia when running the experiment. That is why I think this might be related.

The resources you just showed were three png files and a pdf. I don’t think pdf files will work.

If you set a location in code it needs to have forward slashes.

I removed the pdf from the additional resources, but pushing the experiment still does not add the pngs

Please could you show the error message you are getting?

When pushing the experiment there is no error message, only when starting the experiment I get this:

Am I right in thinking that you don’t have an icons folder online?

I wonder if it is being stopped by your gitignore file.

It might be worth trying to recreate the experiment again.

The icon folder still is not uploaded to pavlovia:

Is there a way I could manually add the folder?

Solved: I saw in the .gitignore that it ignores OS generated files like icons and tried renaming the folder from icons to hints and now it was uploaded.