Adding Multiple Routines at the same time (not manually adding them)

Hi everyone!

For our experiment, we need to add 20 blocks of the same two routines (20 trials loop each) with another 20 blocks of another two routines between each of the first (10 trials loop each).

Therefore, manually inserting all routines is rather time consuming.

What is the intended solution for this use-case? I haven’t found a concrete answer through my searches.


Concentric loops

Try to avoid making copies of routines. You can, if necessary, insert the same routine into the flow more than once but loops are even more efficient.

Thank you for your reply!

Therefore the issue is to find how to iterate through different rows for each loop. I will keep looking for a post about it.

And if not I will start another topic.

(Let’s say, hypothetically ( :sweat_smile:), I have 400 rows in an excel file, for each loop i want to iterate to the 20 first, the 20 next, etc… until 400. )

That sounds like one loop pointing at the spreadsheet and changes to the routines based on trials.thisN. It might also need independent randomisation from my online demos