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Adding Audio Instructions to Experiment?

Hi everyone,

I am very new to using PsychoPy builder, and I was wondering if it was possible to add your own personal audio recording into your task? I am currently trying to create an online experiment that would suitable for young children (who may not necessarily be able to read the instructions) thus including an audio file to play the instructions is essential for this study to work. Is this something that is possible? And if so does anyone have any recommendations of what files are compatible with PsychoPy? (I’ve read on the forum that mp3’s do not work).

Thanks for your help!

Just insert a sound component, set to play your recording. Most people use .wav files I think.

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To add, you should create a designated sound/audio folder within your project folder so you can link the filepath of the sound component to your audio file. I have been using .wav files as it’s compatible with most operating systems even though the file sizes are relatively larger. You should also use Audacity to make edits to your audio file and conversions as appropriate. Finally, familiarize yourself with the sound devices and sound settings of psychopy to know more about the details of sound files (e.g., sampling rate) which you need to keep consistent for all your tracks!

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This has been very helpful thank you both!