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Accessing Pavlovia: SyntaxError: Unexpected token & in JSON at position

I am having trouble accessing Pavlovia, this issue occurs when I sign into Pavlovia I am met with this error and am unable to access my experiments and online experiments produce a similar error when participants try to run. I have tried logging in on different browsers, clearing cache, restarting but none of these appear to resolve the issue.

Has anyone else had this issue and been able to resolve it?

SyntaxError: Unexpected token & in JSON at position 1
If the error persists, contact Pavlovia’s administrator.

Full description:{
  "error": {},
  "text": "{"origin": "", "context": "when getting the designer information corresponding to the oauth token", "user": {"id": 7120, "name": "Hannah Broadbent", "username": "h_broadbent", "state": "active", "avatar_url": "", "web_url": "", "created_at": "2020-05-21T12:14:58.150Z", "bio": null, "location": null, "public_email": "", "skype": "", "linkedin": "", "twitter": "", "website_url": "", "organization": null, "last_sign_in_at": "2021-08-26T11:56:46.815Z", "confirmed_at": "2020-05-21T12:14:58.084Z", "last_activity_on": "2021-08-26", "email": "", "theme_id": 1, "color_scheme_id": 1, "projects_limit": 100000, "current_sign_in_at": "2021-08-26T12:04:38.706Z", "identities": [], "can_create_group": true, "can_create_project": true, "two_factor_enabled": false, "external": false, "private_profile": null, "shared_runners_minutes_limit": null, "oauthToken": "a4e786eeae40659e5af7576e080ed1116f6f5435c4f3f56fb02e1334d8fefc9c", "emails": [""]}, "designer": {"gitlabId": 7120, "affiliations": [], "avatarUrl": "", "biography": "", "dashboardPage": 0, "email": "", "last_sign_in_at": "2021-08-26 11:46:16.187", "messages": [], "name": "Hannah Broadbent", "nbCredits": 0, "profileUrl": "", "socials": {}, "username": "h_broadbent", "licenseId": "6c9a2b5e-02fd-11eb-8c6b-d05099d383f7", "emails": [""], "GdprConsent": "", "address": {}, "creationDate": "2020-05-21 12:14:58.150", "lastSignInDate": "2020-11-19 12:25:59.490", "location": null, "updateDate": "2020-10-07 08:34:18", "created_at": "2020-05-21 12:14:58.150", "license": {"requestId": "University Of Nottingham 2020-2021 License", "approvals": [], "domains": ["", "", "", "", ""], "expirationDate": "2022-09-30", "institutionLogo": "", "institutionName": "University of Nottingham", "licenseId": "6c9a2b5e-02fd-11eb-8c6b-d05099d383f7", "managerEmail": "", "managerId": 6, "managerName": "Jonathan Peirce"}}, "message": "successfully obtained the designer information"}"

I’ve gotten the same errors, but no fix yet.

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We had a temporary issue with the front end. Experiments were still running. Only was affected.
We are back to normal.
With my apologies,


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Thank you Alain. Can confirm it’s working for me again, many thanks!